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Records in cricket that are almost impossible to break

by Alex Hales

In the sport of Cricket Live Score App, numerous records are frequently broken. The game is difficult, distinctive, and unites people from all over the world. Numerous numbers are rewritten, and anything is possible at any time.

Top 10 Records that may never be surpassed

Some records, nevertheless, might be more difficult to top than any other. The following are the top 10 records that are nearly impossible to surpass:

1. Taking the helm at age 50

Dr. William Gilbert Grace was the first cricketing icon to achieve fame. He was the oldest man to captain England when he did so at the age of 50. This record has been solid since 1899, and it appears improbable that anyone will surpass it.

2. Three World Cup Finals with 50+ runs

Making the World Cup Final is a feat in and of itself, but being a batsman with three consecutive 50+ scores is another record. It goes to Adam Gilchrist because it will be difficult to top his two fifty-sixes and century in three finals.

3. 199 top-tier centuries

The record for the most hundreds in first-class cricket is held by Jack Hobbs, who amassed an astonishing 199 runs overall. Sachin Tendulkar now holds the record for the most centuries in international cricket.

4. 19 wickets in a single game

The record for getting the most wickets in a single game belongs to Jim Laker. Against Australia, the Englishman took a total of 19 wickets, a record that has yet to be broken.

A 30-year career 5.

Although Sachin Tendulkar’s 24-year career was lengthy, he does not now hold the record. English all-rounder Wilfred Rhodes, who played for 30 years, is the recipient of the honour.

6. The bulk of first-class wickets

It will be challenging to surpass Wilfred Rhodes’ astounding total of 4204 first-class wickets, which he took during a lengthy career.

7. Three-over-100

The renowned all-time great batsman Sir Don Bradman once completed a century in just three overs. In one of the overs, there were 8 balls, and after 18 minutes, he had scored a century.

8. A bowling-free international wicket

India’s Virat Kohli holds the distinction of becoming the first player to take a wicket without ever pitching a ball. In a T20I, he dismissed Kevin Pietersen by stumping him with a wide ball.

9. Successive maiden runs

Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni, an Indian spinner, once bowled 21 straight overs without giving up a run. Today, the record still stands, and he only allowed 5 runs overall.

10. Three ODI double centuries

Rohit Sharma of India holds the astounding record of three ODI double century. It will take a Herculean effort for someone to recreate this achievement because neither it nor its record have been broken.

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