hampta pass trek


by Alex Hales


All the daredevils used to visit here during their adventurous journey because of the presence of scenic mountains, resorts, towns, etc. There are several nature-bound things like streams, rivers, the Birch Forest, pine forest, deodar forest, silver oak forest, etc. present here. 


This Hampta pass trek, which has its existence in the state of Himachal Pradesh, will begin from the Kullu Manali valley. It is extended towards Lahaul, especially in the Chandra valley. You can visit here during the best season period, that is; from June to October. You must require about four to five days to watch this trek at its fullest. This particular trek always lies as the flower valley for Himachal place lovers. You can find some remarks on the Spiti valley also from here. Usually, the daredevils who are adventure seekers will be loving this particular trek. You can visit this trek between June and September and sometimes this period will be extended, that is, till the end of October. Some people wish to trek in this particular trek, especially during the May month, but the presence of snow will not let them do their activities. Between June and September as well, this is considered the best period. In June, the daytime temperatures will be between 15 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. Whereas, the nighttime temperatures will be between 1 degree Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius. Whereas in September time, the daytime temperatures will be between 12 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. During the nighttime, the temperature will drop from 0 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.


This trek has its existence in the Kullu valley. There are several trails through which this particular pass can be reached, which also has its beauty which is so mesmerizing. The very famous mountain ranges like the Deo Tibba, Parvati, Pir Panjal, etc. can be witnessed from this particular place itself. You will need a minimum of four days and five nights to complete visiting this trek. During the daytime, the temperature range will be between 5 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. Whereas, you can see that the temperature range will be from 3 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius during the nighttime. Usually, it is said that from March to October you can visit this place with all its beauty. On the first day, you will be traveling from Naggar to Chaklani. The second day is solely dedicated to the travel from Chaklani to the Chanderkhani pass. From the Chanderkhani pass, you need to travel toward Chaklani. On the last day, that is; day three, you will be returning to Nagher from Chaklani. This is a short itinerary trek package for everyone who wishes to do trekking here. You need to take warm clothes, caps, toilet paper, etc. along with you.


This trek is situated close to an ancient village which seems to be so enchanting and embellished. The presence of the fruit-bearing trees along with the traditionally built old houses makes this place very memorable. The dense oak forest as well as the pine trees act as ornaments, adding more beauty to this trek. The Dayara meadows, the Chandernahan Lake, etc. which are covered completely with snow are also present in the way. You can also witness the Chanshal peak from here. This journey requires 7 days and 6 nights of travel. Usually, the temperature ranges will be between 17 degrees Celsius and -5 degrees Celsius. It is considered that from Mid-May to early July, mid-September to mid-October is the best time to visit this particular trek. On the first day, you need to travel to the Janglik base camp and on the second day, you will be traveling to Tayara Thach. The third day is solely dedicated to the travel to Litham. On the fourth day, you will be traveling toward Chandernahan Lake. The fifth day is dedicated to the journey toward Nalabana. Day 6 is required to travel to Munirang. Day 7 is required for you to reach Brua village.


This trek is situated in the middle of the two districts Kangra and Champa. You will be able to witness the Dhauladhar range from this point. The green valleys, the numerous flora, and fauna present here along with the crystalline waters of lake Mankiani and Karreri make this place so awesome for all the daredevils who visit here. The temperature range during the daytime here will be between 12 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius and during the nighttime, it will be between -16 degree Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius. On the first day, you will be traveling from McLeodgang toward your next destination, which is; Triunt. The second day is completely dedicated to the travel from Mana to Ilaqua Got. The third day is for your journey towards the Lasesh caves. From there, you will be going to the Indrahar pass. After witnessing all the beauty of Indrahar pass you will return to Ilaqua Got. On the last day, that is, on day four, you will be returning to McLeodgang from Ilaqua Got and then returning to your hometown with lots of memories. 


For all the daredevils out there! You all are welcomed to this place in a small village that is adventurous, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The green valleys along with the mountains covered with snow, the flora as well as the fauna, etc. are too charming and add more beauty to this place. The Parvathi valley on which this trek is situated is yet another site that you can visit here. The village of Tosh itself is very glorious with its sparkling waterfall. You only need two days to complete the visit here. On the first day, you will be arriving at Kasol. From Kasol, you will be reaching Barshaini. You will be moving towards Tosh from there. If you want a guide, then it will be provided.


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