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Why Do You Now Need A Wine Cooler?

by Alex Hales

What is a wine cooler?

Wine cooler Singapore are mainly made to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. It ensures that your wine is secure and kept at the proper temperature so that it is constantly cooled and ready to serve.

Therefore, feel free to extend an invitation to your pals anytime you want, even last-minute! They are designed to taste well and look beautiful in your house.

Things to consider when buying a wine cooler

You may be wondering why you need a wine cooler given that your kitchen already has a refrigerator. It will be the finest idea you’ve ever had, I can assure you of that.

The humidity in Singapore’s wine coolers is kept between 50 and 80% to prevent the corks from being both wet and dry.

They shield wine from the sun’s UV rays and heat. Your wine won’t taste as rich if it is exposed since wine deteriorates when it is.

The amount that your wine’s temperature fluctuates will have a big impact on how good it is. You may decide to limit yourself to one glass on certain evenings and keep the rest for another event. A wine cooler could be to blame for this.

To limit additional oxidation after the wine has been served, the bottle should be tightly closed with a screw top cap, cork, or stopper. Wine that has been too exposed to air is said to be oxidised. The wine will thus rapidly lose its colour, take on an unpleasant taste, and sometimes even start to rot. But that’s not what we want.

Why is maintaining wine at the right temperature so crucial?

Why is it so important to keep wine at the proper temperature? you may be thinking. Why can’t I just open the bottle and put it in the refrigerator?

No, it’s important to maintain the proper temperature in your wine storage at all times. Wine should be savored for both its body and the range of tastes and aromas it contains.

If your wine is not served properly, its taste and fragrance will alter and become unpleasant.

Wine may change over time since it includes a range of chemical elements that interact and gradually change the fragrances and odors.

Both humidity and temperature are necessary for the preservation of wine. The cork oak tree’s bark is used to make wine corks. The dampness will probably cause the cork to shrink and maybe expand. if there is little humidity. When the cork contracts, oxygen will begin to flow from the bottle.


Wine won’t be harmed by humidity levels between 70% and 80%, but anything higher would promote the development of mould and mildew, which might harm the cork.

What distinguishes a wine refrigerator from a wine cooler?

I wasn’t especially aware of the distinction between a wine cooler and a wine freezer before beginning my employment here; they seem to be the same, don’t they?

A Wine cooler  and a wine fridge vary in the following ways. Wine should be maintained in wine fridge Singapore for a long time since they are designed to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the wine so that it may be retained for years or even decades to develop. In pricey restaurants, they are often larger and more visually pleasing.

Wine may be kept for days, weeks, months, or even years in a wine cooler. Since people often don’t store bottles in refrigerators for very long, they are smaller.

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