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Women’s Tunic Tops

Different Tunic Styles You Can Try

by Alex Hales

We’re all aware of how popular women’s tunic tops are. In fact, these tunic tops are the most loved and adored outfits. There was a time when these tunic tops were once worn by both men and women. Earlier tunic tops were non-gender specific. Once upon a time, these tunic tops were even worn by soldiers as well! Furthermore, for a long time, people of all ages, classes, religions, and nationalities have worn tunic tops. A tunic is a simple garment with a simple style that reaches to the hips or the knees. The term “tunic” is derived from the Latin word “tunica”. It was the primary garment of ancient Roman men and women. This fundamental garment of ancient Rome was inspired by Greek garments, the length of which reached up to the waists. Today, the tunic top is reserved for women and serves as the basic garment for all women worldwide. Plus size Italian tunics are popular these days.

In this article we shall be looking at different tunic styles which you can try and look stylish and fashionable. Today, you can even find plus size tunic tops, and there are many online stores from various countries that sell beautiful and designer tunic tops. In the UK, for example, many online stores, such as Belle Love Clothing, sell different styles of tunic tops,  plus size Italian tunics, Italian tops and so on.

Let us now have a look at different styles of tunic tops which you should definitely try to get an alluring look.

Women’s Tunic Tops

Tunic Style for Workplaces

When a woman decides to go full work mode, it serves her all day. Cotton, an all-weather fabric, is best suited for such work wear outfits. A well-fitted tunic with a length that reaches your waist but not your hips is the most flattering. Choose the length of the tunic tops as per your requirements. Short length tunic tops suit tall and petite girls, but heavy hips should prefer longer lengths. Put on a pair of pants, either straight fit or wide legs. Apart from cotton, linen is the most preferable fabric for all seasons. In fact it is better than cotton. You must have seen a wide range of Italian linen tops in different styles and designs. You will also find different styles of linen tunics that will not only make you look stylish but are comfortable to wear to a workplace as well.

Shirt Style Tunic for A Casual Look

The shirt style dress or tunic is a trend these days. It’s actually one of the most fashionable summer looks, however, you can prefer to wear this outfit in all other seasons as well. In winter, for instance, you can wear it to get a unique lagenlook style for yourself.  Simply put on a button-down long shirt and add a belt, either a sleek or a wider one depending upon the style of the tunic. This semi-casual look is ideal for going shopping and attending a few work appointments.

Plus Size Tunic Tops

Beach Style Tunics

The most common beach attire is a tunic with shorts. This is a classic beach look and you will find many girls and women wearing this outfit for a beach party or while visiting a beach during vacation. In other words, these outfits are designed with the intention of visiting the beach. Beach style tunics are exotic and flowy , and you look no less than a diva, if you wear it with unique beach hairstyles, and denim shorts.

Tunic with Fancy Sleeves

You will find women’s tunic tops being uniquely designed in different styles. Tunics with fancy sleeves are one of them. You must have seen fashionistas going above and beyond to achieve the perfect look in different stylish outfits. And tunics with fancy sleeves are no exception.  Frills are almost obsolete now; but umbrella or butterfly sleeves are a new trend these days and you will find these stylish sleeves in tunic tops or dresses as well. Also, because these sleeves look best in synthetic material, you may have to choose for synthetic tunics which are not always comfortable.

Summing Up

These are some of the tunic styles which you can try to look fashionable. Apart from tunic tops and dresses, linen dungarees, jumpsuits and so on are some of the other outfits which you can try to enhance your style quotient.

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