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Tenerife’s Most Gorgeous Locations You Must Visit

by Alex Hales

When you list the island’s attractions, people look for holiday rentals tenerife In Tenerife Costa Adeje to Rent because they want to enjoy the landscape and have a great time. What seems like a fantasy island includes a Herzog & de Meuron-designed art museum, a chaotic street fair, sun-drenched vineyards, and Garachico’s stunning natural pools. However, Tenerife has subtly developed into one of Europe’s most exciting locations, offering extraordinary experiences like stargazing and whale watching in Teide National Park, as well as some of the best hotels, restaurants, and spas in the world. This is not a mash-up of London, Rio, Provence, and the Dolomites. Rather, this is Tenerife.

Long regarded as the party island of the Canaries and recognised for its beach bars, pink cocktails, and all-night discos, Tenerife is now ready to show off its more sophisticated, cultural side as well as its natural splendours and lesser-known settlements.

Beautiful plants and scenery may be found in national parks.

In close proximity to the city are two magnificent national parks. The first, Park Nacional del Teide, is located in the centre of the island and is dominated by El Teide, the largest and most remarkable of the Canaries’ several beautiful volcanoes. At 3,718 metres, El Teide is the highest mountain in Spain.

Strange rock structures appear out of nowhere, and unusual desert vegetation clings to the slopes, giving the area a foreboding, otherworldly appearance. The 190 square kilometres of the park make up a sizable UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The trip to the volcano’s mouth is not too difficult. The greatest views of the whole island can be had by taking the cable car, and you can even join a trip from Volcano Teide for a breathtaking sunset and stargazing experience (the lack of pollution reveals planets, galaxies, and clusters in their full glory).

Rural Park of Anaga

On the other side, the Park Rural de Anaga in the very north of the island is a lush, rugged paradise where wonderful hiking pathways wind through dense forest and high hills provide breathtaking views over old woodlands. The park, a designated biosphere reserve, is teeming with life and is home to a variety of animals, including owls and shearwaters, as well as the famous dragon trees that are indigenous to the island.

Undeveloped beaches, rocky hikes, and coastal boat tours

Of course there is Tenerife’s breathtaking shoreline. Despite the fact that the large hotels are located on family-friendly stretches of white beach, the island’s wilder sections remain the main attraction. A breathtaking landscape worthy of Game of Thrones may be seen among the black rocks that rise out of the ocean close to Los Gigantes on the west coast.

The 600-meter-high cliffs are best seen from a boat during a sunset trip. There is a saltwater lido at the base of the cliffs where you may have a soothing bath while being pummelling by waves. Villas On Tenerife Costa Adeje the Beach del Bollullo’s wild black sands, which are near to Puerto de la Cruz, for a distinct beach experience.

The beach, which can only be reached by the trail, is often peaceful, letting you take in its unadulterated beauty away from the masses. Visit Almaciga in the Anaga national park up north for a breath-taking coastal walk where the path is carved into the rocks and the green cliffs plunge to the water’s edge. As 21 of the 79 dolphin and whale species in the world spend the whole year swimming around Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes, whale viewing is almost a need.

There is no better (or more sustainable) way to do this than on a catamaran and afterwards enjoy sundowners.

Start your tour at the quaint small town of Garachico on the north coast for a really genuine Canarian experience. It had served as the island’s economic centre but was devastated by floods before being mostly engulfed by volcanic lava in 1706. It is currently a charming holiday destination with little boutiques, unpretentious tapas bars, and stunning coves ideal for swimming. Relax at the holiday rentals tenerife, a pastel-pink 17th-century estate with a large courtyard filled with palm trees and an unique watchtower, or the venerable boutique hotel San Roque, a delicately restored 18th-century Canarian manor house.

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