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Top Things to know about Home Loans for Renovation

by Alex Hales


Renovating your home is a big decision, both financially and emotionally. It requires a lot of planning, from selecting the right materials to finalizing the designs and finding the right contractors.

One of the biggest challenges is financing the renovation. For this, a home loan for renovation can be an excellent solution.

Let’s learn about the top things to know about home loans for renovation.

Understanding Home Loans for Renovation

A Home Loan for Renovation is a type of loan that helps you finance your home’s renovation. It is similar to a home loan but has a few essential differences.

For example, a regular home loan is used to purchase a new house, whereas a home renovation loan is for funding the renovation of an existing home.

You can’t use a home renovation loan to buy a new house. Most home renovation loans have shorter tenures and are typically available at a lower interest rate than personal loans.

Important Considerations for Home Renovation Loans

Let’s quickly look at the top things about a home renovation loan.

Eligibility Criteria

The first and most important thing to check is the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for a home renovation loan, you should have a good credit score, a stable income, and a good repayment history. Additionally, some lenders require the property’s value to be high enough to cover the renovation expenses. 

Loan Amount

It is essential to choose the right loan amount. The amount of the home renovation loan should factor in the cost of the renovation. For this, you need to create a checklist for the renovation requirements. Lenders usually finance up to 90% of the renovation cost, contingent on the property’s value.

Interest Rate

The interest rate on home loans for renovation is usually lower than that of personal loans. Depending on the amount borrowed, it can vary from 8% to 12% or more.

However, it’s important to note that interest rates on home loans for renovation are usually higher than those on regular home loans.


The tenure of home loans for renovation is typically shorter than that of regular home loans.

The tenure can range from 1 year to 15 years, depending on the amount borrowed and the lender’s policies.

Documents Required

To apply for a home loan for renovation, you’ll need to submit various documents, including proof of income, identity proof, property documents, and a detailed estimate of the renovation costs.

Benefits of home loans for renovation

Let’s explore the main benefits of taking a home renovation loan.

Lower Interest Rate

As mentioned earlier, home loans for renovation are available at a lower interest rate than personal loans. This can help you save a considerable amount of money on interest payments.

Quick Disbursal

Home loans for renovation are disbursed quickly, provided you have submitted all the necessary documents. This can help you start the renovation work as soon as possible.

No Collateral Required

Home loans for renovation are unsecured, meaning you don’t need to provide collateral or security against the loan. This is particularly beneficial for those who don’t have any assets to pledge.


Home renovation loans provide an excellent way to finance any home renovation project. They are a popular choice for homeowners with a lower interest rate, quick disbursal, and no collateral required.

Check home loan eligibility criteria, loan amount, interest rate, tenure, and documents required before applying for a home loan for renovation

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