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Causes Of Faulty Front Camera of Cell Phone

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As phones become advanced, so do their cameras. With three to four cameras on the back and one on the front of most phones these days, they’re ideal for video calling and selfies. However, when the front camera stops working, it hinders the enjoyment of our precious moments. 

The causes of a faulty front camera include a dirty camera lens, a cracked phone screen, full phone storage, the phone’s camera app problems, internal damage to the phone, and a case interfering with the phone. This situation ultimately leaves us to think about replacing the phone’s front camera.

But it’s time to troubleshoot if your front camera isn’t working well and you want to take a selfie. Keep reading because we have it all for you!

Common Reasons For Cell Phone Front Camera Needng Replacement

Here are a few potential causes of your front camera not working and solutions for you to try.

Dirty Camera Lens

Make sure to wipe off the camera lens on your phone before attempting to take a selfie if it’s dirty. Your phone’s front camera may have issues due to a dirty lens. Taking selfies with a dirty lens is impossible because it blocks light from entering the camera. 

All you need to do to clean your camera lens is use a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or oily fingerprints.

Cracked Phone Screen

A broken screen is among the most frequent issues with phones. No matter how durable your phone is, it will inevitably fall from a height, especially for those who enjoy taking pictures outside. The front camera on your phone is more vulnerable to screen cracks because it is located at the front. Thus, before using your phone, make sure to inspect your screen thoroughly.

Taking your phone to a professional phone front camera replacement expert is the best course of action for a cracked screen.

Phone’s Storage Is Complete

If the storage on your phone is full, the front camera will not function. Using your photo gallery, transferring images from the camera to your phone, and removing unwanted photos are the best ways to handle this issue.

Although having more capacity to store all of your images and videos is ideal, you can use external storage such as a microSD card in its place.

Phone’s Camera App Problems

The camera app occupies a significant portion of modern phones. However, issues with the camera app do arise occasionally. You can fix this issue by updating the app for your camera. Update the operating system on your phone and get the newest camera app.

The camera app is also reinstallable after being uninstalled. In order to get rid of the problematic camera app, you can also perform a factory reset.

Internal Damage To The Phone

Your front camera may sustain internal damage, much like a cracked screen. Malfunctioning charging ports, water damage, and phone abuse can all result in internal damage. If there is internal damage, your front camera will not function.

Taking it to a phone repair shop and getting it fixed is the best solution to avoid cell phone front camera replacement. The phone’s internal components are easily messed up, so don’t try to fix it yourself.

Case Interference With The Phone

It’s possible that the front camera on your phone is being interfered with by your case. You should check your phone’s case if you installed one and your front camera isn’t working. The camera and the photo-taking buttons may become inoperative if the case is excessively tight. So, examine the casing for any tiny cracks or flaws that could affect your camera, and then replace it with a better case.

Wrapping Up

If your front camera is giving you trouble, you can look through the list above to see if any of the problems are to blame. You can solve problems independently, but it’s better to get professional assistance to fix your phone so that you don’t need to replace the phone’s front camera.

However, if the issue is more severe and you need to replace the camera, get in touch with Flash Fix Mobile as soon as possible. Their phone front camera replacement experts can replace your front phone’s camera efficiently and ensure that you start taking the best selfies once again. Give them a call to learn more about their wide range of services.

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