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Privacy Policy

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Given that it is a one-stop online shop, Only Crafting may be able to meet all of your informative demands. It should be clear from the above that our online blogging platform offers free access to the most sincere and well-written blog material.

In addition to giving our readers access to the most recent, excellent instructional blog content, Only Crafting places a high focus on safeguarding their privacy. We know that visitors come to our online platform for blogging with particular expectations about who we are.

Despite this, Only Crafting puts a lot of effort into meeting the demands of its loyal customers. The terms and conditions of our privacy policy were created with this objective in mind, and they are described in more detail below.

By reading the terms and conditions of our privacy statement, available here, you may fully understand how our virtual blogging platform gathers and uses user data.

What Kind of Data Do We Collect?

Alternatively, our online blogging service indeed gathers and uses user data. Emails and the comment area can also be used to collect data, although registration forms are more commonly employed.

Only Crafting is required to alert you to the possibility that we could be able to collect information about our users’ thanks to cutting-edge tools and frameworks for working. 

Collecting crucial data, such as IP addresses, website data, geolocation, and many other things, is called “data collecting.” You should be aware that any data we may get is unimportant and cannot potentially affect our customers.

The Goal of Data Gathering

You were Only Crafting attempts to deliver the most realistic user experience to its consumers. However, you should know that the services we might provide for you are chosen based on your preferences and areas of interest.

We also provide our regular customers with excellent technical support. Everyone who uses our platform for virtual blogging should be informed that we only gather information from them to enhance their overall experience.

Related Websites

Only Crafting collaborates with other websites and advertisers, like most websites on the internet, to enhance user connections. These websites are linked to providing customized advertisements depending on your interests and tastes. The usage of all of this data aims to enhance the user experience on our website.

Users should be aware that their interactions with other websites are subject to the privacy rules of those websites, as Only Crafting disclaims responsibility for any data breaches that may occur on third-party websites.

When visiting these websites, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please review the privacy statement for that specific website.


Simple text files called cookies allow us to monitor how users interact with our online blogging platform. By storing cookies, we may offer our committed readers more specific services the next time they visit our online blogging platform.

It should emphasize that we never gather cookies from users without their consent. You should be aware that you may disable cookie usage on your device using the browser settings. However, as it can degrade your overall website experience, we do not recommend doing this.

Our Strict Data Protection Policies

Only Crafting adheres to strict rules for data collecting that emphasize users’ privacy and interests. It should be mentioned, nonetheless, that the Only Crafting virtual blogging platform constantly upholds a secure environment for the data of its users. 

Moreover, our devoted readers and newcomers should be aware that using Only Crafting’s first-rate services constitutes your consent to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

Contact Information

If you have questions about our privacy policies, contact Only Crafting by email at [email protected] or by visiting the website at https://onlycrafting.com/.

Last Updated: 17th October 2022