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All our committed readers are cordially invited to participate in our write for us campaign, and we at Only Crafting take great pleasure in doing so. Please feel free to contact us with your blog posts if you believe you are a talented writer. You should be aware that we accept all writers—beginners, seasoned experts, and those just starting—from various vocations.

Anyone interested in writing blog posts or articles may do so through the write for us course. We constantly appreciate original and new ideas when it comes to article writing.

We believe that creativity is the essential component of a successful blog post. We are keeping your content as creatively original as feasible would be a good move. In this way, you would be a welcome addition to our organization and our literary community.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

In order to grow our staff and implement our Write for us initiative, Only Crafting is always seeking new authors and skills. If you can create fascinating blog entries that will attract the interest of your readers, you are more than welcome to join our team.

However, for your articles to be published on our blog site, you must follow a strict set of guidelines that will allow you to create a unique work of art that our editor is guaranteed to accept. Use the advice below to write an article that conforms to the criteria and specifications of our website:

  •   Seven hundred words are the recommended word count for an article.
  •   Use simple words and a clear tone to guarantee the audience understands you.
  •   When composing your sentences, try to employ the active voice as much as possible in place of the passive voice.
  •   You must use original, plagiarism-free content in all of your contributions.
  •   Be sure to place the keywords throughout the entire content strategically.
  •   Use the word “purpose” in the correct way.
  •   Adhere to the advised keyword density. Don’t attempt to do too much.
  •   Utilize inventiveness in your writing to engage readers.
  •   Conduct a thorough study and gather data before starting to write about a subject.
  •   You may decide on a well-liked or current topic that your audience would find fascinating.
  •   Choosing a sensitive topic like child abuse, alcoholism, or drug usage is not a good idea.
  •   Ensure that every sentence in your writing is complete and grammatically perfect. 

How Do You Submit Your Article?

Please send us a sample of your writing when you are ready to contribute to our website. Our editors will review the email and decide whether or not your article is appropriate for posting on our website.

It is advisable to include some basic details about yourself in your proposal. We advise that you carefully study the instructions as mentioned above and compose the article by them if you want to publish an article.

How to Get your Guest Post Accepted?

The rules as mentioned above must be fulfilled if you wish to write for us; however, if you want your submission to be approved fast, read the advice below:

  •   Do not duplicate content from other websites; instead, solely use inspiration to create original writing.
  •   When contacting us, please include a brief introduction and avoid sending lengthy paragraphs.
  •   When sending your post, avoid including extraneous information and stories.
  •   Write with inventiveness and attempt to create fascinating material.
  •   Your writing should be devoid of grammatical mistakes.
  •   Write concise paragraphs since people become disinterested when you write long ones.
  •   Finally, we ask that you be patient after submitting your application to us because you will undoubtedly hear from our staff at some point.

Contact Us 

If you still have any questions in mind, you can feel free to contact us at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you!