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Best Corporate Gifting Options For Your Employees

Best Corporate Gifting Options For Your Employees

by Alex Hales

Corporate gifting is an essential aspect of the business world that enables companies to foster strong relationships with their clients and employees. Continue reading to learn more.

Corporate gift-giving has long been utilized as a means of interacting with prospects, clients, consumers, and others. It is a critical aspect of doing business in the corporate world as it is an innovative approach to building and strengthening business relationships, whether it is to show appreciation to employees and clients, motivate them, or engage with them. Corporate gift-giving has been shown to increase a company’s return on investment and fosters strong ties between loyal customers and staff.

Corporate gift-giving sets a company apart from its competitors and builds strong commercial connections with new and potential customers. Poor services and benefits can result in customers quickly switching businesses, but a thoughtful gift from an employer can make an employee feel valued and appreciated for their efforts.

If you want to surprise your staff and make them happy in the midst of their busy schedules, consider checking out Hungry Monkey and their gift boxes and products, which include survival macaroons for sale and survival gifts.

About Hungry Monkey Baking

About Hungry Monkey Baking

About Hungry Monkey Baking

The Hungry Monkey Baking Company was founded almost by chance in 2010. Cindy, the founder, had always dreamed of baking for a living, but her friends encouraged her to make her famous chocolate chip banana bread for a local two-day charity event for children with learning challenges. Despite taking a few detours, from marketing communications to non-profit development, Cindy eventually started the Hungry Monkey Baking Company.

Hungry Monkey offers a wide range of products, including their famous chocolate chip banana bread, and gift boxes for various occasions. Additionally, they offer a unique “Virtual Baking” experience for corporate events. This customized training from Hungry Monkey is an excellent way to improve the culture of your place of business, especially in today’s WFH era.

It fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among workers, and it’s also an opportunity for you and your team members to make a recipe together, whether it’s vanilla cupcakes or chocolate cakes. Hungry Monkey tailors the baking experience to your tastes and meeting objectives and can include staff recognition, landmark anniversaries, and/or specific call-outs as per your discretion.

Before the virtual meeting, you can send your team members a Hungry Monkey gift package, which can be customized according to your budget, including the recipe and special baking tools. This creates a memorable experience for your staff and guests that is fun, thoughtful, sweet, and inclusive.

Explore the wide range of gift boxes provided by Hungry Monkey Baking

  1. Celebration Box: This gift box includes the entire Hungry Monkey product line, such as their Original Banana Bread, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Pumpkin Tea Cake, three Triple Chocolate Brownies, buttermilk caramel-drizzled carrot cake, and a half-pound of Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons.
  2. Chocolate Lovers Box: Chocolate enthusiasts will love this hamper that includes two of Hungry Monkey’s Signature Chocolate Chip Banana Breads and three bags of their famed Triple Chocolate Brownies.
  3. The Mini Monkey: This sweet little gift package contains three of their Giant Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons, wildly popular Triple Chocolate Brownies, and top-selling Signature Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.
  4. Student Survival Kit: The student’s survival kit is a back-to-school gift and care package specifically designed for college students. It is an ideal present for those who are away from home or for those who are nearby. This kit comes with 13 oz. of Hungry Monkey’s famous Original Chocolate Chip Banana Bread and four bags of their popular Triple Chocolate Brownies. The Original Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is so good that it ignited the Hungry Monkey Craze.

Hungry Monkey is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a gift. Just make sure to check the “is this a gift” checkbox before clicking “Buy Now” or entering your payment information during checkout. For more information on their shipping and delivery details, visit their website to discover these delicious handmade delicacies.

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