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What Should I do if I Receive a Tip from a Taxi?

by Alex Hales

The culture of tipping is unfamiliar in United kingdom. In fact, taxi driver work is one of the few occupations where you have the opportunity to receive a tip. However, if you don’t know the tip situation, you will be at a loss as to what to do when you receive it. So, here we will take a closer look at the tipping situation in United kingdom taxis.

Tips for Taxi Drivers in United kingdom

In many countries around the world, taxi drivers are expected to tip around 10% of the fare. Then what about the case of United kingdom? Basically, tipping is not customary in United kingdom, and taxi drivers are no exception. However, the chances of getting a tip tend to be higher than in other occupations.  Sevenoaks Airport Taxi  drivers have actually received tips. Some people say tipping is one of the perks of working as a taxi driver.

By the way, in United kingdom, it is considered good manners to wrap a tip in a small paper bag before handing it over. This is because many customers give their change as a tip.

When are Tips paid?

How will tips be paid? The situation where taxi drivers often receive tips is when they have a lot of change. For example, if the taxi fare is 1,70 pound and the customer gives 2,00 pound, the change is 30 pound as a tip.

Also, tips may be paid when you put your luggage in and out of the trunk room. By the way, during the bubble era, it seems that there were times when I got a tip of about 10,00 pound.

Can I Receive a Tip?

If you are given a tip, there is basically no problem with receiving it. Instead of refusing, customers will be happy to receive it with a smile. All tips given to the taxi driver will be the driver’s, unless otherwise specified by the taxi company. As a result, tipping is a nice side income for taxi drivers.

What did you think. So far, we have looked at the tipping situation in the taxi industry. Don’t forget that tipping is only for service. Let’s not forget that there is a service that is wholehearted. It is important to improve your driving skills, become familiar with geography, and spare no effort every day.

In addition, you should improve your communication skills. Why don’t you aim to be a taxi driver who can get a tip?

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