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How to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 4 Months

How to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 4 Months?

by Alex Hales

Candidates enrolling for the CA foundation exams get 4 months to finish the syllabus. The CA Foundation syllabus is vast, and being new in the field sometimes makes it difficult for students to complete it on time. Further, having a proper understanding of the CA Foundation exam pattern is also necessary since the Foundation exam has negative markings.

To complete the syllabus on time, it is crucial to follow the right strategy and have good resources to crack the exam. Here, joining the CA Foundation institute will help the teachers know how to complete the syllabus on time. Furthermore, they will also get the time to solve the CA Foundation papers and revise the syllabus.

So, for the students who are doing self-study, we have brought expert tips from VSI Jaipur institute to complete the CA foundation syllabus 2023 in 4 months.

ICAI has recently introduced the CA New scheme. Under the new scheme, ICAI is going to make changes in the syllabus, registration, exam pattern and more. To check all the details of the CA New scheme 2023, check out this detailed guide by VSI Jaipur institute.

Tips to Complete the CA Foundation Syllabus in 4 Months

1. Prepare a Study Timetable

The first thing you need to do to complete the CA foundation syllabus is to prepare a timetable. The timetable will help you save time, and you will already know what to study and where to start.

Check the CA Foundation exam pattern of all the subjects and the chapter-wise weightage, and allocate time to every subject and topic as per the days left in the exam.

2. Join a CA Foundation Institute

Many students think passing marks are enough for this exam. But, the clarity of concepts and strategies is essential to prepare for the next levels. Teachers have a major role to play in the CA results of the students.

They are the best companion in a long journey to become successful as CA. Only clearing the CA foundation course with passing marks is not enough to stand out among thousands of other candidates. Enrol in a CA foundation coaching like VSI Jaipur that will help you to gain clarity and learn concepts.

3. Make Handwritten Study Notes for each Chapter

Make sure to prepare notes on every topic of the chapters in the CA foundation subject. Handwritten notes prepared during lectures at VSI or while studying provide immense benefits during your exam time.

The CA Foundation exam syllabus is vast, and it is impossible to revise it in a short period from direct study material and other resources. During exam time, these handwritten notes will help you to revise the syllabus in a short time, as you have short notes for each topic and you don’t have to waste time in reading the whole topic.

4. Take Small Breaks in Between

If you study continuously for 5-6 hours, you’ll exhaust yourself and your mind. Even studies show that taking a short break of 10-15 minutes after two to three hours helps to study effectively.

A short break will help improve learning, and concentration, relax the mind and speed up the learning process.

Furthermore, start with theoretical topics from the CA Foundation syllabus in the morning and switch to practical subjects afterwards. Revise everything that you did throughout the day before ending the study session.

5. Revise the Syllabus with Your Notes

You should never take the CA foundation syllabus 2023 lightly. The CA Foundation exam is not like any school exam and needs proper planning and guidance to clear it.

The best way to start your revision for the exam is from your notes. The notes you prepared contains every topic which is short and in your language. It will help to revise every topic in time during the first revision.

How VSI will Help in Preparing for the CA Foundation Exams?

VSI is aimed to help students find their potential. CA Foundation exam result assures that we help students to secure a good rank in exams rather than just passing them.

We follow a study pattern that consists of classes, mock tests, and personal guidance to prepare each student appearing for the CA foundation exam.

  • The CA foundation classes at VSI Jaipur affect 10% of the overall performance of students. VSI is among the best CA coaching institute in India and offers exam-focused CA foundation classes while assuring timely completion of the CA foundation syllabus. They provide CA offline and online classes, conducted by the topmost professors, in Hindi and English that are conceptually clear.
  • The mock tests conducted for CA foundation subjects play a 40% role in the preparation for the CA exam. Mock tests conducted at VSI Jaipur benefit students in various ways. They help students to analyze their potential and improve accordingly. It also helps them to learn time management during the paper and helps them familiarize themselves with the CA foundation exam patterns.
  • VSI Jaipur also provides personal guidance to students depending on their performance in mock tests. The guidance helps students to clear every concept in the CA foundation syllabus and work on their weak subjects or topics. Personal guidance is provided by giving them a strict study plan, exam tips, and other suggestions that will help them to perform better.

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This article has covered all the tips for syllabus completion within four months. If you wish to know more about VSI or join VSI for CA Foundation classes, contact us today.

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