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ahoo Mail Keeps Crashing

Why Does My Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Phone?

Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing

by Alex Hales

One of the most used email services by people all across the world is Yahoo mail which you can use on any device you want such as on Windows, iOS, or android devices. 

But recently, there have been many complaints from users that Yahoo mail crashes android or iPhone devices because of which they are not able to use it properly. 

Reasons why Yahoo mail keeps on crashing 

If you are also one of these users then we would like to tell you that there can various reasons why you are facing this problem – 

  • The web browser you are using is of an older version hence, it is restricting Yahoo mail. 
  • There are malware attacks on your device, or the firewall is stopping Yahoo to work. 
  • There might be excessive memory, app data, or cache files on your device. 
  • There might be some bug in the system of your device. 

Now, that you know why my Yahoo mail keeps stopping, let us get started to know the ways using which you will be able to get rid of this issue. 

Ways to fix Yahoo mail crashing issue 

1. Restarting the device you are using 

You can restart the mobile device you are using and fix the minor bugs and glitches in the system which is causing these issues. After your device is turned on again you can try accessing Yahoo and see if the issue has been fixed or not. 

2. Deleting app cache and clearing memory 

Sometimes Yahoo might crash because of insufficient space on your device, so for this, you should delete the unnecessary things which you do not want on your phone. 

Along with this, you should also clear the cache files of the app by going to the settings option and then hitting on apps and notifications. 

Now, navigate to the Yahoo app and press on the storage button, following which select clear cache and then clear data to fix the problem of the Yahoo mail app keeps crashing

3. Disable Firewall on your phone 

If the firewall is stopping Yahoo from working properly you should disable it and then sign in to your Yahoo mail and see if the problem still exists or not. 

If yes, then you should try the next step which is offered to you in this blog. 

4. Uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail App 

If nothing works then you should uninstall the Yahoo app first by going to the setting option and navigating the Yahoo app. 

You have to select the option on uninstall to remove the app, now wait for some time, and open the play store on your phone. 

Look for the Yahoo mail app on the play store and press on install to get the app on your device. 

Once the installation is finished try to access it and see if the problem is fixed or not. 

All of these ways are effective but if none of these are able to help you then you can get to know about more ways from the website Emailspedia by accessing it on your browser.

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