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10 Must-Have Plain T-Shirt Colors For Every Wardrobe

by Alex Hales

Often the variety of colour options of t-shirts may confuse and leave you puzzled. If you want to escape the dilemma of choosing the right t-shirt colour options while making new additions to your wardrobe then make sure you are aware of the most loved options. However, the colour that you pick should align with your liking and preferences. In this blog, you can find a list of 10 must-have plain t-shirt colours that would offer you an attractive look.  

Top 10 colours of Plain T-shirts:

  1. Light Blue T-shirts: Among all the available colours for men, a light blue t-shirt is one of the best choices for plain t-shirts. No wonder it is a must-have in every wardrobe. It is a versatile piece that can be combined with grey, khaki, white, black, and brown bottom wears. Charcoal black also looks great with these t-shirts. 
  2. White T-shirts: Whenever it is to t-shirts then one versatile piece of t-shirt that is a must-have is a white t-shirt. It is such a t-shirt that can be paired with almost all colour pants. It can be carried well both as formal as well as casual attire. Whether you want to pair it with chinos or trousers or shorts it blends well with all types of bottom wear. 
  3. Red T-shirts:  Although red is one of the most casual colour options in the case of t-shirts yet it can be paired with suits or blazers for a cool, smart look. Simply pair it with navy blue jeans and you are all set to rock on your date night. If you want to enhance your look more then add a blazer in a contrasting colour. 
  4. Yellow t-shirts: Typically, yellow is a bright colour so many men believe that it won’t look cool on them. That’s true for many dark-complexioned people. Bright yellow may not look cool but light yellow may look perfect. Similarly, for a lighter complexion, deeper or brighter yellow looks better. Lemon yellow t-shirts are highly in trend these days. These can be paired with trousers, chinos, or suits as formal wear. 
  5. Black t-shirts: When you don’t want to think much about selecting a particular colour then Black is the one that you should choose. There is always one black t-shirt that is present in every wardrobe. It is not only versatile but also the safest option. Trousers or chinos are the best combinations with a plain black t-shirt. However, you can choose blue denim jeans with it for a casual look. 
  6. Light green t-shirt: For all those who want to remain safe with their colours may not opt for light green t-shirts. But a pale green t-shirt combination with pants or suits will look great both as formal wear as well as casual wear. The half sleeves of the t-shirt can be worn as casual wear on holidays or beach vacations with a short. If you want to instantly brighten up your look in these tees then pair them with olive green, grey, black, brown, and navy suits or bottoms. 
  7. Lavender T-shirts: The most attractive t-shirt colour that a man must have in their wardrobe is lavender. It is not that versatile in nature but it is one of the colour options that can offer you a unique look instantly. One can pair it with black or navy blue pants and trousers for a smart and classy look. Further, a deep green, beige and brown colour may appear spectrum for the trousers. 
  8. Maroon T-shirts: This colour is one of the best options for average skin tone people. It is not only versatile but an eye-catching option. Whenever you want to pair it, choose lighter shades as it would make you appear attractive. You can style in oversized half-sleeve t-shirts with shorts or plaid pants. These days lots of online clothing stores for men have collections of lavender t-shirts in beautiful graphical prints. 
  9. Light Grey T-shirts: Although it is one of the unexpected shades, it deserves more respect than any formal wear. Both full sleeve and half sleeve t-shirts in plain yellow t-shirts are popular among young men. It can be paired with navy jeans, shorts, or lounge pants in colours like brown, olive green, charcoal, etc. 
  10. Pink T-shirts: Usually people associate pink with girls but it is not a gender-obstrained colour. It is among the most professional colours that make you appear appealing. In fact, it is one of the most attractive t-shirt colours for men. It can be layered with blazers or jackets in bright colours for a stylish look. 

This is the list of t-shirt collections that are must-haves in every wardrobe. Whenever you want to buy men’s t-shirts online, you can keep this list in mind and choose the one that is according to your liking and also aligns with your personality. 

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