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Tips To Wear Modern Vintage Clothing

by Alex Hales

You must have heard and seen different types of vintage clothing. And must have at some point of time thought of giving vintage clothing a shot. However you are reluctant to wear different types of vintage style outfits thinking that you may look outdated. This is not the case though. You can look stylish, fashionable, modern and contemporary in vintage clothing as well. You will find many shops selling wholesale vintage clothing which you can buy to get a new look for your getup. It is something that will make you look unique and rare; you will look different as compared to the modern dresses that you wear regularly. Elegancy, stylish and fashionable are some of the terms which one will use, if they see in a vintage outfit.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the tips which you can follow to wear modern vintage. Modern vintage is something in which you wear vintage style with that of modern style. Jordash Clothing is an online store in the UK famous for selling gothic outfits and accessories, vintage clothing, wholesale retro clothing and so on. You just need to choose the one that you like from the website and it will be there directly at your doorsteps.

Let us now have a look at some  of the tips which you can follow to wear modern vintage clothing and look stylish.

Wear plain white blouse or colourful printed blouse

One way to add vintage style with modern style is to opt for a plain white blouse or colourful printed blouse. If the blouse is plain and is in white colour, you have to pair it with other outfits that are in loud colours, so that they go well with the blouse. For instance, you can add a pair of bold coloured pants to your white blouse to get a modern yet vintage look. Since the winter season is going on, a loud and bold coloured jacket or a cardigan can go well with it. For a modern yet vintage look, you can also go for a loud coloured printed blouse, however, make sure that you are pairing it with a bottom or any other outfit that is subtle and light in colour. This combination is definitely going to give you a look that you are desiring for.

High waist bottoms are the best options to get a modern vintage look

 Another way to get a modern vintage look is to try a high waist bottom, whether it is a full length jeans or a pair of bottoms. In fact high waist bottoms are on trend these days. It is a signature outfit of vintage style. The high waist bottoms that you see in the market are vintage in style, but not actually vintage. In other words they are an imitation of vintage style. And the outfit that is an imitation of vintage style is called a retro outfit. You will find many garment stores providing you with retro clothing in the UK. You can easily purchase different types of retro outfits (outfits in vintage style) from these garment stores. When you are wearing a high waist bottom, make sure that you are opting for a stylish crop top to pair with it or you are choosing a collared blouse either in the colour white or any other colour that goes well with the colour of the bottom.

Shirtwaist dresses are another best options to get a look that is both modern and vintage

 Yes, you read that right. Shirtwaist dresses are also an amazing option to get a modern vintage look. They are simple, either in single colour or are available in multicolour and they are perfect for a casual outing, formal and official look. You do not have to put much effort to look stylish, as the dress is sufficient enough to make you look smart and modern. You just need to add a pair of earrings, a sling bag and a pair of funky footwear and you are completely ready.

Summing up

 These are some of the tips which you can follow to get a modern yet vintage look for yourself. In fact these are some of the modern vintage outfits which you must try. It is easy to get different types of retro dresses in the UK from different garment stores. So grab one for yourself today and get a slaying look.

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