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Difference Between Oil And Water Finish By Hardwood Flooring Company

by Alex Hales

In 2023, many people are moving towards hardwood flooring because it looks trendy and elegant. Wooden flooring suits the design and architecture of your home. You can purchase curtains and furniture according to the pattern of your home that matches your flooring. The issue arises when the wood starts getting damaged. Nobody likes a damaged floor in their house. Refinishing is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your wooden floor and add value to your home. It is done with different materials. To protect your wooden floor, you must invest in refinishing and extend its lifespan. You can use water and oil-based polyurethane finish. Both have the characteristics of protecting and upgrading your home, but you have to apply one. The Vintage Flooring Company is the best hardwood flooring company in Chicago that has provided some pros and cons of both kinds of the polyurethane finish. Let’s decide which one to get on your floor. 

Which type offers more colours and designs for my wooden kitchen floor?

Before deciding which type of finish you want on your floor, you must think about your choice of colours. Although neither water nor oil-based finish provides colours, they have different shades and tones. Hardwood flooring company says that the oil-based finish gives the feeling of warmth because it has more depth. It is rich in shades and grows darker with time giving a glowing look to the wood. If you get the water-based finish on your floor, the colour will not change, and you won’t have to worry about the changing tone in a few weeks. 

Which Polyurethane Finish Protect The Floors Better?

Both finishes have their properties, but the oil-based finish dries quickly and stays longer. The oil-based finish is considered a thick coat, which makes it soft and prone to dents more than the water-based finish. People get oil-based finish done on their wooden floors because they like the shade and tones it gives. These tones can also fade with time if you don’t maintain them. If we talk about a water-based finish, it is thinner than the oil but takes time to dry out, which makes it prone to scratches. If you have many children and pets in your home, a water-based finish is not a wise decision because of kids’ toys, pet nails and moving of furniture on the floor. You have to do coating multiple times to secure your floor. The best flooring company advises you to do three or more three coats of water-based finishes. The positive thing is that your floor will be protected from dents.

No matter what you choose for your wooden floors, you have to maintain and protect them from temperature changes, scratches and dents. Keep cleaning the floor regularly. Don’t let the dust and dirt accumulate on the floor. Use blinds and curtains to keep the sunlight away from your home. 

Does polyurethane finish has strange odours?

No matter which finishes you choose, both oil and water have strange odours that stay for a while after getting them done. Many people have a problem with smell and develop allergies. If you are one of them, a water-based finish might be good for you, as it has a less strange smell than oil. The smell comes from water finishes that are not as strong. However, you must keep one thing in mind you have to tolerate the smell one way or another. It will take days to disappear. According to the hardwood floors company, the oil-based finish requires two weeks to cure, with the odor dissipating after two weeks. As mentioned earlier, the water-based finish entails three to four coats, resulting in a similar smell. For further insights, visit reflectionbusiness.com for additional information on hardwood floor finishes.

Which Finish Dries Quicker?

If you get a water-based finish done on your wooden floor, it will dry quicker and you can do the second coat on the same day, but that is impossible because of the busy schedule. As water needs four quotes, the job takes longer than two or three days. If you get an oil-based finish done, it will take 15-16 hours to dry and you can apply a second coat the next day. It requires two quotes and can be done in one or two days. 

If you want to get your wooden floor coated, you can hire a hardwood flooring company. They recommend oil-based coating as the best. It dries quickly and is a true and tried solution. It also gives beautiful shades and tones to your floor and has a prolonged lifespan. 

Many individuals are concerned about the look of their homes, which can be achieved by proper design, colour, patterns and architecture. If your floor is scratched, damaged or looks faded, you can get the water or oil coating done. The finishing will make your floor pop out. If you don’t know which one is good for your home, you can take guidance from professionals. 

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