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by Alex Hales


Mountain trails in India are assumed to have subliminal beauty, especially during the winter season. As one crosses the frozen streams, wintry grasses, and snow-covered trails during winter trekking in India, one experiences plenty of adventure and excitement while seeing a side of nature that seems to lift our spirits!

If spring is the time one is visiting, then nature shows its colorful side, while the winters showcase its playful side. Winters are the time of the year when the gargantuan mountain peaks are covered in white blankets of snow, enticing trekkers from around the world to visit the Himalayas once. Though most of the treks in the Himalayas remain open for the public from Mid-May till October, there are some trekking options in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh,  and Sikkim Himalayas that one can be chosen from throughout the year. Be the treks easy or challenging, the beauty of these trails in winter will make us thrilled in every way. Some of the best winter treks in the Himalayas are mentioned below.

  • Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek

One of the easiest and most famous treks in Uttarakhand, the Chopta Chandrashila trek passes through the pristine lake, the highest Shiv temple, and remote villages tremendously lit in the beautiful backdrop of Chopta Valley. The trekking expedition begins from Ukhimath, further it will take one to Deoriyatal via Sari Village. Chopta Trek is heaven for bird watchers, here one can see various Himalayan birds like the Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Lammergeier, Golden Eagle, etc. In Tungnath, trekkers will be witnessing the world’s highest Shiv temple.

After taking the blessing of Lord Shiva, trekkers will be proceeding toward the summit of moon rock, i.e. Chandrashila at 4000 meters. The trek will provide one with a gratifying view of the magnificent surrounding peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba. Forgetting the camera at home for this trek can be regretful for trekkers.

  • Dodital Winter Trek

Trek from Sangamchatti to Dodital is one of the amazing treks for those people who want to witness trekking for the first time. The trek is easy but in winter it’s quite challenging because it’s blanketed with snow. This trek passes through the thick forest beginning from Sangamchatti where one can spot a multitude of Himalayan birds flying freely in the sky. As trekkers begin to walk upwards to Agoda village, they can see summits of both the Western and Eastern Uttarakhand pop into view. The trek will further proceed to Bebra village which is an idyllic village known for potatoes, beans, and Rajma plantations, and the Assi Ganga River. Trekkers can either relax in the camp or indulge in Himalayan trout fishing on the bank of the Assi Ghat River.

After a night’s stay in camp on the bank of the Assi Ganga River, the next day trekkers will climb a step inclination to reach Manjhi. Trekkers will relax and plan an overnight camp at Manjhi. Ascending through zigzag paths, the next destination for the trekkers will be Dodital Lake. In mythological terms, Dodital Lake is deemed Lord Ganesh’s abode. Dodital Lake is known as one of the most beautiful high-altitude lakes in North India and is famous for being home to Himalayan Trout, known as Dodi in the local language. Trekkers will climb in an upward inclination direction to the final destination of the trek, Darwa Pass the following day. 

  • Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

It is a well-known fact for all that the winter season comes with unbearable cold and snow on the path brings additional challenges. Yet, no one can deny the fact that the dove-white snow also brings immense adventure with stunning mountain views. The huge meadows and pastures cover themselves with a blanket of white snow to protect their creatures from the shivering cold during winter. Walking on this white carpet seems like one is walking on a frozen sea with beautiful alpine trees and flowers around. 


  • Bedni Bugyal Winter Trek

Starting from the holy city of Rishikesh, the trek will take on to the different elevations of the Garhwal region. After a long drive from Rishikesh and crossing the beautiful trails of Karnprayag, trekkers will proceed to Wan Village. From Wan Village, the action-packed trekking expedition starts, and further trekkers will trek uphill trek leads to Bedni Bugyal. The journey from Wan Village to Bedni Bugyal is quite challenging, one will have to cross thick forests and water streams to reach the final destination.

  • Nag Tibba Winter Trek

Nag Tibba Trek attracts adventurers, nature lovers, and Hindu devotees from different corners of the world. Local people usually trek there to pay a visit to Nag Devta (Snake God) for the protection of the village. The expedition to the summit starts from Pantwari. The sparkling trek is known for its natural beauty which is on display here. Beginning from Dehradun, this trek passes through hidden hamlets like Pantwari, Nagtibba, and Devalsari and finally ends at Thatyur. From Thatyur village, one can see vistas of adjacent peaks like Swargarohini (6,252 meters) and Nanda Devi (7,816 meters).

For centuries people have undertaken uphill travels into the Himalayas. Some people have gone there in search of beauty or truth while some are on a pilgrimage, some with a sense of adventure, and others probably simply to have a good time. Anyway, the Himalayas always has something or the other to offer to its guests.

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